Ending the week with odds and ends….

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Sad to say it has been another lousy week in newsrooms across the country and here in D.C. There has been word of layoffs now and some to follow for the Associated Press, Newsweek and AOL as well as more magazine job cuts as the big publishing houses cut their losses before the new calendar year.

As my sympathies go out to those who will be starting job hunts at a tough time in the year with the holiday season nearing, I thought that given this atmosphere I’d follow up my blog post of a few weeks ago (“How to prepare just in case”) with a few more tips on what to do if you suspect that the ax is about to fall:

*In addition to preparing emotionally and financially for a layoff, think about logistical concerns. One of these surrounds your health benefits. It’s most likely — unless you can switch to a spouse or partner’s plan, which you should do now if you can — that after a layoff you will end up with higher deductibles, premiums and other costs with a new health plan or with your existing plan under COBRA. So take full advantage of your plan now, especially if you have already met your deductibles for the year, and make preventive screening, dental and vision care appointments quickly. Buy several months of prescription drugs for you and dependents if you suspect you may have to switch to a plan with a higher prescription co-payment.

*Think about other benefits you receive from your employer — life insurance, disability insurance and subsidies for such things as a health club — and start shopping around for ways to fill those gaps in the period before you land another job. It’s better to be as prepared as possible.

*And if you haven’t already — and especially if you think you may have a few months before a layoff — start socking away money in an emergency fund (one that will be easy to access such as a money-market fund or even a bank savings account — these are funds you’ll need to access). It will buy you some time to find a new job and peace of mind, trust me. Think about making that your major gift to your family this holiday season if you are worried about your job future.

*Several email correspondents worried about their jobs have asked questions about severance agreements and their legality. I hope soon to post a q&a with an employment lawyer on this topic but for now, a few thoughts from hiring experts:  If you have a lawyer already on retainer (and if you have an umbrella insurance policy you may have affordable access to one) or a friend or family member with a law degree, it’s of course wise to ask your soon-to-be-ex-employer for a few days before you sign a severance agreement for the lawyer’s look-see. (Always ask when you’re being laid off about the recission period for the agreement).

Obviously most companies are spending a great deal of time and high-paid legal talent drafting these agreements and employment lawyers will tell you most are airtight and not worth fighting — and that you should just sign it, get your cash and move on with you life.  Yet if you suspect discrimination and are a member of a protected class (for age, 40 or older, or a racial or ethnic minority group member, for instance) lawyers will encourage you to get the employer to give you the list of others in your class who were part of the layoff and who weren’t. If you are the only one in your class being laid-off, you may have a case and it would be wise to seek out a good employment lawyer. Also, get the company rules on severance — often based on seniority — and make sure they are being fairly applied to you (it’s smart before a layoff to get the official severance rules as well). Watch for language like a non-compete clause — which is standard in the broadcast industry and has been slipping into some publishing severance agreements, I’m told — that could complicate your job hunt.

*And the next item contains the results of a survey of staffers seven months after the Seattle Post-Intelligencer closed its doors. Some of the results are sobering (most of the staffers have — not surprisingly — been unable to find full-time journalism jobs) but some are hopeful as well. Here is the link to the survey author’s blog:


*Amid all this uncertainty and loss, it’s great to be able to report some good news: Avery Palmer, a terrific environmental journalist and a member of the CQ/Roll Group “Gang of 45,”  has landed a contract position for the next two months with the Pew Environment Group. Avery will be helping the group with written materials related to the upcoming UN climate change talks in Copenhagen. In December, he will travel to Copenhagen with them for two weeks and write a daily briefing on the status of the negotiations. Congrats, Avery! And please send along good job news so I can spread the word.

*As always, some job leads to mention…happy hunting and have a relaxing weekend!

*Conservation International in Arlington is looking for a communications director:

Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Marketing

Conservation International

Arlington, VA


Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Marketing
Center for Environmental Leadership in Business
Vice President, Corporate Relations
As a core staff position within CELB, the Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Marketing serves as the liaison between the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB) and Strategic Communications & Global Marketing (SC+GM). The Senior Director focuses on engaging corporate partners to support CI’s institutional strategy of strengthening the organization’s brand awareness around the world and socializing the importance of our mission among consumers and employees through high profile communications and marketing efforts including CI’s Team Earth initiative.Peformance of these duties requires that the Senior Director work with and serve as the primary point of contact for key marketing & communications personnel across CI’s corporate partners. The Senior Director serves as CI account lead or program manager for selected corporate partners primarily involved in Team Earth and other communications initiatives with CI. The Senior Director also works with CELB staff to ensure that Marketing & Communications efforts are part of a larger coordinated effort to build multi-year, 6-8 figure strategic corporate partnerships that also involve joint work to implement environmental best practices, and to mobilize financial investments in conservation.The Senior Director leads CELB’s communications and marketing strategy, with the goals of raising awareness across multiple audiences about CI’s efforts to engage the corporate sector for positive conservation results, with the objective of publicly recognizing the leadership efforts of our partners, creating new partnerships, and expanding existing partnerships, and seeking others to replicate our efforts within their own companies.Given the high risk nature of engaging corporations on communications and marketing efforts, the Senior Director will continually advise CI’s leadership on risk assessment and develop strategies that project CI’s brand.RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Lead CELB’s strategic pillar to generate corporate marketing support for CI’s efforts to raise public awareness and inspire individual actions for the environment through our Team Earth initiative. With CELB and Global Communications Leadership, implement high profile marketing and communications campaigns with Fortune 500 companies (~3-5 per year, with major corporations such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Disney, Wal-Mart, Fiji Water, SC Johnson, American Express, Royal Caribbean, Wrigley). Campaigns will focus on supporting Team Earth objectives, with a secondary focus on engaging companies to support CI specific goals. Develop metrics for measurement of results achieved through corporate marketing and communications efforts.
  • Work with corporate partners providing information to corporate partners on best practices for environmental communications and marketing, engaging consumers and employees, and lessons from other corporate engagements. Incorporate Strategic Marketing & Communications strategy into broader plans for engagement with major corporate accounts as part of CELB’s strategy lines dealing with business policies and practices, corporate contributions, ecosystem service investments, and regional conservation action, etc.
  • Develop and write communications strategy to raise awareness for CI’s work with the corporate sector and the importance of NGO-Corporate partnerships. This strategy should be aligned with and feed up into CI’s larger communications strategies around climate, water, food, health, culture and option values. Components to include multi-year vision of goals and metrics around brand awareness as well as company and revenue targets.
  • Directly supervise and manage CELB Corporate Communications and Marketing Team to ensure they are achieving their deliverables, supporting the communications goals of both CELB and Global Communications, and acting as liasons between our two divisions. This team currently consists of a media manager, and editorial manager, and a graphic designer, with FY2010 goals including the hiring of a corporate marketing manager.

Working Conditions:

  • Home base is CI’s Arlington, VA, headquarters
  • Some domestic and international travel is required to meet with corporate partners.
  • The position interacts daily with CELB staff, but shares office space with global communications staff to ensure open communication channels and sharing of information.


Required Skills:

  • Position should have at least a bachelor of arts degree from accredited university.
  • Mininum 5-7 years of communications and marketing experience with corporations or public relations firms managing multiple corporate accounts or serving as brand manager for a Fortune 500 company.
  • Outstanding writing and verbal communications skills.
  • Understanding of how to develop and implement communications strategies and materials designed to reach a variety of audiences.
  • Ability to manage large workload with multiple deadlines. Strong attention to detail.

APPLICANTS SHOULD SEND: Cover letter and resume.


Application Procedure:Conservation International is committed to saving our environment. If you are able, please submit your application electronically! You may also send your application to: Conservation International Human Resources 2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22202 No phone calls please. Conservation International is an equal opportunity employer.
Benefits:You can find out more about CI’s benefits on our benefits page.
CI Values:As we pursue our vision and mission, we are guided by these essential and timeless values:

  • Passion: We are inspired by nature and cherish the diversity of life in all of its forms.
  • Respect: We respect and trust each other, and we embrace our diversity of cultures, talents, and experiences.
  • Integrity: We act with integrity and are accountable for our actions.
  • Optimism: We are optimistic about the future of life on Earth and are confident that, with our partners, we will achieve unprecedented conservation results.
  • Courage: We tirelessly pursue our vision, taking bold action and persevering through challenges.

*The following magazine publishing-related jobs are listed on the magazine site Foliomag.com, which is a good place to look for jobs in that industry. Home >> Career Center

*The Industrial Research Institute in Arlington is looking for a managing editor for its bimonthly journal:


Industrial Research Institute, Inc.
Location: Arlington, Virginia 22201 United States
Last Updated: 10/19/2009
Job Type: Contract, Employee
Job Status: Full Time
Job Code: IRIRTM10-09

Job Description

The Industrial Research Institute (IRI), a leading association of companies and federal laboratories working together to improve their research & development capabilities, is seeking a Managing Editor to work on its bi-monthly journal, RESEARCH-TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT (RTM).  The Managing Editor will report to the Editor-in-Chief.  It is preferred that the Managing Editor works in IRI’s headquarters, Arlington, Virginia, but we are open to alternatives.

Please reply electronically with resume, salary requirements, and cover letter to Michele Taussig, taussig@iriinc.org (subject line: RTM Managing Editor).

*The Weekly Standard is seeking a fulfillment manager in D.C.:

Fullfillment Manager

The Weekly Standard
Location: Washington, District of Columbia United States
Last Updated: 11/04/2009
Job Type: Employee
Job Status: Full Time


Job Description

Seeking a FULFILLMENT MANAGER. Oversee all aspects of fulfillment; manage the day-to-day relationship with the fulfillment house; create monthly sub acquisition and renewal reports; manage circulation modeling; work with the Publisher and the Consumer Marketing Director on sub acquisition; prepare and manage fulfillment/customer service budgets; maintain BPA audit documentation and prepare BPA reports.

BA/BS degree; three years of magazine fulfillment experience; demonstrated ability to develop, prepare, and analyze reports on marketing programs; detail-oriented with strong analytical, math, logic, and organizational skills; experience with circulation modeling a plus; outstanding computer skills (with Excel in particular).

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When you have less experience…. Holiday hiring blues???

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