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Welcome to the dcworks blog. As I said in the “about” category, this blog is being published by me, Jodi Schneider, a veteran journalist, trainer, recruiter and manager. I have just — in the past 10 days — left my position as training director at CQ in Washington, D.C., and will be writing about the world of work in Washington. I also hope to use this space as a clearinghouse for job leads, tips and ideas about finding work — especially for laid-off Washington journalists. As such, I am going to post some openings and ideas about where other openings may occur.

I intend this to be a truly grassroots kind of effort….Please send me leads about jobs for laid-off Washington area journalists, as well as tips on job-hunting and contacts who may be useful. I love the idea of helping each other, in a very human and uncomplicated way, counteract the corporate myopia that led to so many of us leaving jobs we loved and had admirably performed!

This will be a public blog, I will be mentioning it on Facebook and LinkedIn and also asking others to link to it on occasion. If you have jobs (and some already have told me they do) that are not public but that you’d like me to mention to some with specific skill sets, I’m happy to do that as well. And if you are an employer or recruiter who has something that would fit my skills, of course, email me privately. (my email is jodifs@verizon.net)

Two other requests. First, if you check out a position listed on here and find out it is already filled, or isn’t being filled for some time, or some such, please let me know (in the comments or in a private email) so that I can remove it or update it. And if you get a job, please let me know that, too, so I can help announce the good news! Success breeds success.

And one other thing…My 17-year-old son, Ben, is my Web master. He’s good, but is busy with high school all week long, so will be cleaning out things and doing maintenance on weekends. So please bear with us, at least at first.

Oh, and one more thing….I’d like to post a “resume of the day,” of someone who is out there looking and wants to publicize their skills. Friends and former colleagues, please email me your resume (with a little blurb on what you’re looking for and why you’d be good at it) and I’ll start posting them in succession.

Here are my first listings…Happy hunting!

*The American Bar Association is looking to hire a senior public relations/communications position in Washington. Obviously, they’d be looking for someone with a strong legal background. (This came through a friend, so I don’t have a link or more information. But you’re journalists and can do research — check it out!)

*There are several openings at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, including some in the publications and communications realms. They are also seeking free-lancers. Here is the link for more information: http://www.aei.org/jobcenter

*The National Immigration Forum is seeking a director of communications. Below is the email traffic about this, with a link for more information.

From: Grisella Martinez [mailto:gmartinez@immigrationforum.org]
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 6:12 PM
Subject: FW: Position Opening – Director of Communications

We’re looking for a new Communications Director, we’re trying to cast a wide net so please forward to your networks!

From: Maurice Belanger, National Immigration Forum [mailto:mbelanger@immigrationforum.org]
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 5:45 PM
To: Grisella Martinez
Subject: Position Opening – Director of Communications

After nine years of leading the Forum’s communications efforts (and providing a strong hand in guiding our colleagues in their efforts to communicate about immigration), our Director of Communications, Douglas Rivlin, is moving on.

So, the Forum is seeking a new Director of Communications. Duties include repeating the same message again and again to reporters who call in (sometimes to the same reporter), giving advice to colleagues who are about to step into some lion’s den on cable television and… well, for a complete list of responsibilities and qualifications, go to our Web site here:

Source: http://www.immigrationforum.org

*And last but not least, the University of Maryland’s journalism school has a few openings. Here is the link for more information:
Philip Merrill College of Journalism | University of Maryland
Source: http://www.journalism.umd.edu


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